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You’re one of US if you want to animate better.
You’re one of US if you want to teach animation.
And yes... you’re one of US if you're a fan and simply love to talk, see and share good animation too!
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Animation is a somewhat isolating profession and although there are countless places on the internet that offer information to the serious animator ~ there are none that offer community, teaching, courses and even its own festival to celebrate the work created. The MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB network seeks to change all that!  

The original ANIMATOR’S SKETCHCLUB was started by animator, author and teacher, Tony White, on Facebook in 2016. Since that time Tony has issued a free, monthly drawing/animation Challenge for anyone who seeks to improve their animation knowledge and skills. The results of this commitment to raise the bar on animation learning and expression can be found HERE. At the time of writing the Facebook-based Sketchclub group has attracted over 9,500 members, and is still rising. However Tony has long recognized that it is necessary to take the Sketchclub to an entirely new level if real progress and transformation is to be made in the lives and works of animators everywhere. As a result, the MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB network has been born!

Tony's best-selling textbooks underline the knowledge and expertise behind the MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB network!

This site is hosted by the 2D ACADEMY

The 2D ACADEMY has been established by Tony White and partner Jeff Zhu to create a dedicated, learning and production entity that offers live online classes and production employment opportunities for anyone keen to learn animation to a higher  level ~ then apply these top skills in a commercial setting when the opportunity may arise. Currently, weekly classes and summer camps are offered to high school level students and/or animation beginners ~ as well as for professionals who wish to take their work to the next level. The 2D ACADEMY also sponsors it's own Junior Golden Pencil Award competition. Members of the MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB will enjoy discount prices to classes and course run by the Academy, as well as hearing first about any potential employment possibilities that may open up in the future. 

Join MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB if you want to...

  • ANIMATE! The FREE monthly drawing or animation challenge will continue. Indeed, it will be stepped up through the MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB network! Members submitting their challenge work via the network will receive personal feedback on their submission. Something that will no long happen with the Facebook group ~ although both platforms will continue to be eligible for the end-of-month judging and digital certificate for the winning entry.
  • LEARN! Members of the MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB network will be given access to unique masterclass sessions, courses and events ~ either free and for a significantly discounted price. Indeed, network members will receive a 25% off all initiatives that the MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB network offers! (Meaning that even a saving on one item can represent the annual cost of membership alone!)
  • SUPPORT! An if you don't want to do animation, you can certainly be part of our community too! The Facebook-like social media feed give you the chance to chat, post and see great animation from moment to moment. No doubt, as soon as you reach out to the animation community in this way, you'll get all kinds of positive comments and replies. We sincerely want to build an online community here - by animators and for animators. Fans too!
  • SHARE!  The best way to learn anything is to have experienced practitioners share their knowledge, expertise and experience with beginners. Sadly the "apprenticeship" system has disappeared in the animation industry but through the MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB platform, members will be able to ask, learn and share information with those who are committed to raising the bar, both on personal skills as well as the quality of work in the industry! The social networking feed on the MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB network could well mean that it will be just like having your own personal apprenticeship ~ with those who who know and those who do!
  • GROW: The entire purpose of the MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB network is to transform lives and transform the quality of animation around the world. So in addition to the various unique courses and lectures we will offer, members will have the opportunity of mentoring with and mentoring by top talent on a one-on-one basis. This really is the nearest opportunity of apprenticing with a top professional animator if you simply want to learn or get better with your animation.

Our Unique "Gathering Places"

In addition to the private social networking feed that all members will have access to, the MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB network offers private "Gathering Placeswhere members can choose to exclusively focus on specific areas of interest. That way they can choose to be together with others of a like mind, outside of the main membership feed area. (Current and "coming soon" Gathering Places can be seen above.)

Our Courses

The MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB network plans to host a number of unique animation-related courses as time goes by. Each course will be of the highest quality and based on proven industry knowledge and experience. They will be made available outside the network community but members will get a 25% discount on each of them. Courses currently available right now include...


Based on Tony White's respected book, "The Animator's Sketchbook", this course offers a weekly drawing for animation exercise over a period of 52 consecutive weeks. The material will remain available to members after the first year of publication.


This potted course on the history of animation contains 47 short videos created by Tony White that gives a quick overview on the major moments in animation's past ~ with a strong emphasis on Hollywood animation. (Note: This course is FREE to all members of this network only and is not currently available elsewhere.)


For all those animators ~ and sedentary workers in general ~ who have to suffer the short and long-term effects of "Repetitive Stress Injuries" (such as Carpal Tunnel, neck, back and eye disorders) in this digital desktop age. (Note: This course is FREE to all members of this network only and is not currently available elsewhere.)

Further significant courses are already in advanced stages of development ~ including "Once Upon a Time in Penciltown" parts "1" and "2" (advanced "History of Animation" courses, told from an animation perspective) as well as its own "Museum of 2D Animation" environment. Both will be developed as the network's membership grows. 

Further courses and special events are currently being developed and will appear in time and as the membership grows. ~ making this THE place for animators and fans of all kinds to hang out!.

DRAWTASTIC Animation Festival

The DRAWTASTIC Animation Festival is now in it's 8th year. It was initially a live event ~ initially at the Historic Theater in Everett, WA, later moving to the IMAX Theater in Seattle ~ the inaugural event being opened by the late Roy E. Disney, nephew of Walt. Now an online festival, the event attracts animation entries from all around the world, each competing in the various categories for the festival's respected Golden Pencil Awards. The most successful contributor to the Animator's Sketchclub challenge each year is also awarded a Golden Pencil Award. Now the festival's award-winning show will be screen free and privately for all MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB network members. Outsiders will be able to view the event for a fee over one weekend but members will have permanent free access to the winning films ~ plus the archive of previous winning films ~ for as long as their membership is current. Details of entry for the current 2020/21 event can be found here. The next live and online event will take place here in February 2021.

So, become a "SKETCHIE" and enjoy the following possibilities...

  • Get feedback on your monthly drawing and/or animationchallenge submission ~ which could receive a winner's digital certificate and even a Golden Pencil Award.
  • Post, chat, learn and share your work with the only social networking challenge that speaks to the animation world only.
  • Attend free and discounted talks, masterclasses and courses, created by animators for animators.
  • Gain a 25% discount on some of the best and most unique animation-centric courses, products and events out there.
  • Have exclusive access to the winning films of the DRAWTASTIC Animation Festival, plus the previous winning films from the earlier events.
  • Gain discounted opportunities for mentoring personally with Tony White, as well as attend Tony's live online classes at a member's discount rate pricing. (The next live class begins in August 2020.)
  • Be the first to hear of paid apprenticeship positions, should production opportunities arrive through the 2D Academy in the future.

And...FREE scholarship membership for qualifying individuals!

100% committed to supporting diversity and opportunity for all potential animators, we are very proud to announce that a limited number of full-time students, unemployed or disadvantaged artists can get a FREE one-year membership to the "MY ANIMATOR'S SKETCHCLUB" network. So if you feel you qualify, please apply for membership using the"Guests & Opportunity Membershiplink. Once we receive your application, we'll reach out to you and give you the opportunity to confirm your situation. Generally we'll need to receive written confirmation from 2 responsible adults to confirm your eligibility. 

Note: Opportunity scholarships are limited in number and only offered on the understanding that they're available for 1 year only, after which a new application must be made.

So really ~ how can you afford to NOT press that membership button above if you want such a moving experience? *

* Note: In order that we first develop a powerful, fulfilling and valuable community for all our members, membership will be strictly limited to just 50 individuals at our exclusive discount price. Membership currently stands at 20.) After that, when we're sure we ccan scale to a bigger community, we'll cautiously open it up to a larger membership, at a higher price. So it really does make sense to get in now to enjoy the low price and influence the future of our community!

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